jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

2004 2005 September

Amphibian Decline Serves As Global Warning

1. a. true "the discovery... disaster"
b. false "In comparison... endangered"

2. a. highly permeable skin... very sensitive to the effects of climate change and pollution.

b. They live in many different habitats because they can adapt easily.

3. a. comprehensive
b. since
c. drastic
d. remarkable

4. a. continues / will rise
b. was created / has been created / protecting
c. caused / most important
d. polluting / to

PAU 2004-2005 June

Too much television

1. a.false "Experts say that... signs of the  disorder"
b. false "This new study...very young children... seven"
2. a. attention / too aggressive
b. "Some education... problem solving"

3. a. amount
b. signs
c. tested
d. earlier

4. a. began / between
b. often / a
c. on / are
d. He asked the girl what she would do when she finished her homework.