viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

2001 2002 June

Pointing the Finger

1. a. false "A report just published ... compared with their index fingers"
b. false "Early symptoms --a failure to point... are often obvious by the tender age of 18 months.

2. a. the length of the index fingers related to autism.
b. interact with other people/ verbal & gestual communication.

3. a. creases
b. gaze
c. ratio
d. average

4. a. are fixed / to govern
b. Although / to
c. earlier / easiest
d. I could never imagine that my fingers could say so many things.

2001 2002 September

Beauty Over Youth
1. a. false "The psychologist took a photo of a 36-year-old woman... of a group of men"
b. true "When asked who they´d prefer... chose her, regardless how old they thought  she was"

2. a. from paragraph 1 "From the countless music videos... to beauty"
b. "The study shows that beauty counts... at some level"

3. a. countless
b. primarily
c. take into acount
d. long-term

4. a. about / enough
b. was done / since
who / has been
helping / biggest

jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

2004 2005 September

Amphibian Decline Serves As Global Warning

1. a. true "the discovery... disaster"
b. false "In comparison... endangered"

2. a. highly permeable skin... very sensitive to the effects of climate change and pollution.

b. They live in many different habitats because they can adapt easily.

3. a. comprehensive
b. since
c. drastic
d. remarkable

4. a. continues / will rise
b. was created / has been created / protecting
c. caused / most important
d. polluting / to

PAU 2004-2005 June

Too much television

1. a.false "Experts say that... signs of the  disorder"
b. false "This new study...very young children... seven"
2. a. attention / too aggressive
b. "Some education... problem solving"

3. a. amount
b. signs
c. tested
d. earlier

4. a. began / between
b. often / a
c. on / are
d. He asked the girl what she would do when she finished her homework.

jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

2009 2010 JUNE B


1. a) true " ever since the great... dust"
b) true " By 1870, ...deprivation"

3. a) wealth
b) dust
c) peak
d) famine

4. 1. which
2. from / meant
3. long / takes
4. Its / defeating

2009 2010 JUNE A

The truth about bears

1. a) true "And he tracked their movements and marked them on maps"
b) false " And so he abandoned... his study animals"

3. a) creatures
b) trust
c) detachment
d) wave

4. 1. believes / eating
2. about eating / have to
c) needn´t dissect
d) the bear not to worry when he went near him.

miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

2009-2010 September B

Trick or treat! It´s Halloween

1. a. F "Actually, Halloween originated in Europe as a Celtic New Year celebration" / "For the Irish, in the Celtic calendar... a pagan festival"

b. F "They began to dress up... a practice that eventually became... tradition"

2. a. Halloween is one of the greatest commercial holidays in the USA because people spend over seven billion dollars every year.
... because people spend their money to buy a lot of things for Halloween.

b. The "trick or treat" tradition is similar to the Celtic celebration in the sense that people used to wear costumes and give food.

3. a. products 

b. stunning

c. Actually

d. fleeing

4. a. If / from

b. where / so that -- a

c. Although / in

d. Two million people who celebrate in the streets are attracted by NY´s village H. parade.

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