lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Workbook Unit 5

Lesson 1


Exercise 1

2. Yes, probably; 3. What about you?;

4.What are you going to do?; 5. One day, I want to open my own restauorant.

Exercise 2

1. beautician; 2. chef; 3. musician; 4. actor; 5. reporter; 6. nurse/ doctor; 7. taxi-driver; 8. waiter; 9. teacher; 10. scientist.

Exercise 3

Susanne: farmer, farm in the country, farm, parrot, sell eggs and milk.

Megan: taxi driver, flat in the city, in a city, dog, drive car around the city.

Paul: nurse, house in a small town, hospital, cat, look after people.


Exercise 1

1. Julie is going to buy the food for the party.

2. Michael's going to buy the drinks for the party.

3.They're going to have the party at Louise's house.

4.Because Ian is moving to another city.

5.Michael and Julie are going to take Ian to Louise's house.

Exercise 2

1. She will take them to her room.

2. She will show them her new PC.

3. They will take him to the basement.

4. They will turn on the lights and say "Surprise!"

5. They will give him some presents.

Exercise 3

(Your own answers)

Exercise 4

2. meeting Jamie Donaldson; a lecture;4.going to the dentist;5.visiting Mum and Dad;6.having dinner;7.visiting uncle Ben and getting tickets for a rock concert.