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A. Facebook generation 
suffers from information withdrawal syndrome

Ex. 1
1. a) FALSE: "volunteers... around the world".

b) FALSE: "However, it was abstinence from music... the most difficulty"

Ex. 2
a) The volunteers in the experiment had to spend one day without any electronic device, such as telephones or the internet.

b) Two positive effects have been that...
One positive effect has been that volunteers have improved their facilities for surviving. Another has been that they spent more time outside, walking in the streets, for instance or enjoying nature.

Ex. 3
a) isolated   b) restless   c) rely upon   d) as

Ex. 4. a) developing / highest 
b) an / who
c) until / became d) on // spent / used to spend


1. a) TRUE: "The latest challenge... his expedition in 1907".

b) FALSE: "However, eating a lot of chocolate... hard for me".

3. a) trek   b) spot   c) apprehensive   d) consume

4. a) have been training

b) which / will be led

c) hadn´t gone / would have been

d) she might not be able to sleep.

she was not sure if she would be able to sleep / could sleep

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Hellen Keller

On this day in 1887, Anne Sullivan begins teaching six-year-old Helen Keller, who lost her sight and hearing after a severe illness at the age of 19 months. Under Sullivan’s tutelage, including her pioneering “touch teaching” techniques, the previously uncontrollable Keller flourished, eventually graduating from college and becoming an international lecturer and activist. Sullivan, later dubbed “the miracle worker,” remained Keller’s interpreter and constant companion until the older woman’s death in 1936.


Her parents eventually sought the advice of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone and an authority on the deaf. He suggested the Kellers contact the Perkins Institution, which in turn recommended Anne Sullivan as a teacher.


Helen Keller became a public speaker and author; her first book, “The Story of My Life” was published in 1902. She was also a fundraiser for the American Foundation for the Blind and an advocate for racial and sexual equality, as well as socialism. From 1920 to 1924, Sullivan and Keller even formed a vaudeville act to educate the public and earn money. Helen Keller died on June 1, 1968, at her home in Westport, Connecticut, at age 87, leaving her mark on the world by helping to alter perceptions about the disabled.

(from History)

Alexander Graham Bell

A Scottish scientist and inventor who was one of the leading developers of the telephone.
He also invented teh metal detector.
(from the Burlington Culture Calendar)

More information:

Wikipedia: here you can have records of his voice.

Alexander Graham Bell refused to have a telephone in his study, fearing it would distract him from his scientific work.

(taken from History page)


When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.
Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus.
Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

World Wildlife Day

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1st of March, Saint David´s Day, Patron of Wales

About Saint David, 1´ video (from The Telegraph)

About Wales National celebration (from Independent)

The symbol of Saint David and of Wales is a leek: