sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Titanic and superlatives

Tomorrow is 15 April 2012.

In 1912 Titanic hit an iceberg and after two and a half hours it sank.

I´ve selected 4 sentences containing superlatives for you to practice. They have been taken form Wikipedia.

Write the corresponding superlative form of the adjectives provided and then check your answers in "Comentarios", as usual:


The sinking of Titanic caused the deaths of 1,514 people in one of the (1) peacetime maritime disasters in history.

She was the (2) ship afloat at the time of her maiden voyage.

Her passengers included some of the (3) people in the world, as well as over a thousand emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia and elsewehere seeking a new life in North America.

One of the (4) important legacies was the establishment in 1914 of the International Convention for the Safety of life at Sea which still governs maritime safety today.