martes, 13 de diciembre de 2016

PAU September 2016 B

Hello again, and welcome to our second PAU exam this year.

Did you find option B easier, more difficult or the same as 
option A?

I have added two words to be looked for in the text:

Find the verbs in the text that mean:

Be very good at (2nd paragraph), sobresalir.

Dismiss, not consider (2nd paragraph), dejar de lado.

(Definitions and translations taken from:

They are underlined in red colour:

Exercise 4.

a) shown / produces

b) were encouraged / wouldn´t be 
(Conditional type 2)

c) more / at

d) The teacher told me 
not to worry at that moment 
since / because I would understand it
the following day.

Please, if you haven´t done it yet, order your packet of PAU exams at the Copier´s Room.

For next Wednesday, we´ll do Go on two wheels
(2014-2015, option A)

Thank you!