viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

A site providing examples of how to summarize the contents of a blog

Eli Terry students explore science through experiments
is the title of a piece of news I´ve found by chance.
Interesting as an example of how to write a headline on what a blog is about (column on the right)
It is also a resource for vocabulary
which might be used by my students in their reports.
It´s also interesting because it talks about a group of students and their work,
as well as the way they share it.
Have a look at the instructions for "submitting a comment"
-- Go to the SUBMIT A COMMENT section.
Do you understand them?
Has this link been useful?
What have you learnt?
Did you like the experiments?
Submit a comment here or e-mail to
if you want to write a larger report.
Enjoy your visit!