domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

WRITINGS: A Description of Someone you Know Well

This is an example provided by the web Saber Inglés.
We have highlighted useful expressions when writing an essay.

About myself
(Sent by Cristina Ruiz, an advanced student from Madrid, Spain)

My name is Cristina. I'm in my twenties. I'm studying Information Science at university and I'm also job-hunting at the moment.
As for my personality, I consider myself as a shy but sociable person. I mean, the first time I meet someone I am not the one who starts a conversation but once the ice is broken I'm very sociable and friendly.
Apart from that, my friends say that I have my feet firmly on the ground, that is, I'm a realistic person and I know what my limits are.
As regards to my hobbies, I'm keen on swimming, reading and walking in the countryside. And also, I like going clubbing and partying.

Writing: A Description of Someone you Know Well: Learning from Mistakes

These are some of the mistakes you´ve made when writing your descriptions.
Can you correct them?

First, do this exercise on your notebook
and then click on "comentarios" to check your answers.

Good luck!
4th C´s:

1. My best friend is name Anna.
2. She is 15 old.
3. He has 25 years old.
4. She likes to go...
5. The house´s Adam
6. His sister´s is...
7. He don´t like...
8. She goes out with your friends.
9. She nothing sport.
10. She´s interesting in pets.
4th A´s
1. She haven´t any brother or sister.
2. She likes listen to music.
3. She goes with her friends on weekends.
4. She watchs TV.
5. She´s one sister.
6. She like drawing.
7. She goes to study science.
8. I´m love she (2 mistakes)
9. She studyes at university.
10. He like to play the piano (2 mistakes)