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2009-2010 September B

Trick or treat! It´s Halloween

1. a. F "Actually, Halloween originated in Europe as a Celtic New Year celebration" / "For the Irish, in the Celtic calendar... a pagan festival"

b. F "They began to dress up... a practice that eventually became... tradition"

2. a. Halloween is one of the greatest commercial holidays in the USA because people spend over seven billion dollars every year.
... because people spend their money to buy a lot of things for Halloween.

b. The "trick or treat" tradition is similar to the Celtic celebration in the sense that people used to wear costumes and give food.

3. a. products 

b. stunning

c. Actually

d. fleeing

4. a. If / from

b. where / so that -- a

c. Although / in

d. Two million people who celebrate in the streets are attracted by NY´s village H. parade.

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